Bayleaf Technologies (BLT), a diversified technology oriented enterprise that has laid utmost focus in improving Web-Based-Service standards through meaningful, customer-centric innovations in the areas of IT Support, Digital Marketing, Website/Software Development and Logo Design.
BLT is a new venture, a fresh launch by a close knitted group of Industry Veterans who have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience by working with winning teams, domain-leading companies and exceptionally creative thinkers of the Marketing/Design/IT worlds.

Bayleaf Technologies is owned by Grandemark Consultancy Services INC and also does business under CompleTEch Support (DBA)

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Bayleaf Technologies is a concise amalgamation of experiences brought to the table by Industry Veterans/Leaders that have a proven track record of successfully steering multi million dollar campaigns. Once a Soldier – Hence a Captain is the formula of the Business Process potion consumed by all. The Key to winning business always lies in our hand, the chest (your business) is securely sealed with a Lock whose digits speak Customer Satisfaction. We at Bayleaf, nurture this fact and every employee is embedded with a common business code “Customer Centrism”.


Bayleaf Technology has a dedicated team of CBAPs (Certified Business Analyst Professional) who act as an interface during Business Protocol exchange between the Client and Bayleaf; they play a vital role in engaging market studies/research with the development process of the product during the POC stage (Proof of Concept). This is when the prototypes are developed. The CBAP team works very closely with the CSBA (Certified Software Business Analyst) Squad. Your desired end product goes through two levels of Market relevant scrutiny thus ensuring a good pull through/success rate instantaneously. Market Analysis and our unique Reverse Engineering methodologies also gives our Clients an upper hand w.r.t. geo targeted product launches.


Technology, if it could be applied to the English language, the way we spell Technology would have changed by now. The evolution of Technology never ceases! All of Bayleaf’s Operating Principles revolve around Technology, which is why Technology Standards at Bayleaf are optimized and revised regularly. Technology is an indispensable tool for our firm and we take pride in pivoting our campaigns upon latest cutting edge measures. In the last decade the IT Industry has undergone dominant, crucial and principal changes; the end result – “Means of Access on your Fingertips”. It is Bayleaf’s commitment, rather an undertaking that products processed/executed in our labs will hold no bars w.r.t. the application of Technology.


The key to the page builder eA Process approach to the implementation of new technology is paramount, everyone is on the WEB and if your Business is not, you are certainly missing out. BLT’s services involve five protocols – socialization, commitment, reward allocation, feedback and redesign, and diffusion. Two properties of any software are crucial; Customer Engagement & User Friendliness. Our job is to implement “new era” technology and simultaneously keeping the requirement of the User’s skills to be elementary. An approach for improving theoretical specification about implementing new technology is presented and illustrated with a case on visionxperience is the visual composer which eases the setup by visual drag & drop tool and shortens the process to little time.

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Managed IT Services, Software Development, Online Marketing & Web Design

Businesses/Individuals qualified by our Point of Contact team are eligible to avail of a 100% Risk Free Program wherein, after carefully understanding your Business/Individual objectives Bayleaf will prepare a Prototype/Demo for you. All the costs involved to prepare the demo shall be undertaken by us; it’s a No Obligation Quote for you.


Atypical, is a preeminent word – one can use to describe the team of Artists that work towards creating an unforgetful, unique experience for every looker-on that arrives to your website.
The Key is, to create an extravaganza of your Business’s offerings and to present the anecdote in a manner that is effective, novel and honest with a hint of nostalgia.

Designing a website isn’t solely about creating a logo with the help of graphics, some sort of a furniture or an oeuvre; it is an expression laden with aesthetics, an undertaking devised with punctilious crafts that carries a prospective to revise not only the approach to your parade, additionally creates a new panorama to one’s prospective of the world.

Walk the talk and Talk the Walk
How did you learn about Bayleaf? 99% of our customers find us on the Web, through Social Media, via search engines or some sort of a Local Listing. What does that mean? If you found us, they can find you too! We know what we are doing and we control our exposure, Bayleaf is not a Fortune 500 company with 10s of thousands of employees. We are a small but close knitted Business and the moment we have our plates full with work we cease our campaigns and Switch to Work mode. This has enabled us to maximize ROI. There are certain clients we run campaigns for that may have various needs and appetite, some run globally, 247365; some have a Lead Acceptance Window and most of our clients work on the SWITCH mode just like us.

Inbound Marketing is the Key – Gone are the days of Cold Calling and Outbound Lead Generation.

You know that cutting edge information technology is crucial to keep your business operating at peak efficiency and ahead of the curve in today’s fast-paced world. But how do you make sure your computer systems are doing their job?
Miles Technologies is an award winning IT company offering comprehensive IT support and consulting designed specifically to alleviate worries, and help youachieve your goals. Whether you have in-house IT staff who may need occasional assistance with large network projects, or you are in need of complete managed IT services provider (MSP) solutions 24/7, we’re here for you.

Did you know Bayleaf Technologies has experts dedicated to providing managed IT services for different industries? See how we can help in the following areas:o.

A Business Owner need not have any technical expertise in order to get a Software Developed and meet the Business’ needs i.e. catching up with required levels of technology and domain management.
BLT indulges in a client engaged environment throughout the process of Software Development.

YOU – Briefly introduce us to your Business and Goals to be Achieved; BLT admires your vision and takes up any hypothetical expectation as a challenge. You will be surprised what we can accomplish with the help of Softwares. If you are unsure of an ideal solution to improve the efficiency of your Business and are clueless about what kind of softwares best suit your Line of Business; we shall offer you the most relaxing chair at our office and a drink of your choice. Sit back and be a JUDGE!

BLT – The software development team comprises of two main functions; A Team – they speak your language and are gifted with a sense of Creativity (most of them possess degrees in Animation/Arts/Graphic Design). After understanding your needs and the necessities for the project they run a Viability Check; later the project is transitioned to E Team. The E Team or the Execs, as we call them are the Geeks who speak in languages you and I won’t comprehend. Post a complete Knowledge Transfer and SOW (Scope of Work), the E Team will present a POC (Proof of Concept).
Your dedicated account manager will discuss with you any areas of improvement, amendments and additions to the Prototype.

Together we facilitate CREATION

90% Complete90%
80% Complete80%
70% Complete70%
80% Complete80%
60% Complete60%
90% Complete90%


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